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You know you’ve arrived somewhere special when you emerge from a winding and densely tree-lined road to be greeted by a staircase of around 100 steps, carved right into the rockface.

At the bottom is a wildly beautiful beach, far longer than you imagined, and before you an unbroken sea view… turquoise near the shore, shifting to a palette of ever-changing blues until it merges with the sky. No wonder Porto Katsiki, at the southern tip of Lefkada, routinely features in magazine articles amongst the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

A day on Porto Katsiki beach is about enjoying nature at its most alluring: tiny stones scrunching underfoot and the sound of gently lapping waves. To the northern end of the beach, the cliff towers so high above that sunbather’s are reduced to ant-like specks.

No trip to Lefkada is complete without visiting. And once here, you’ll want to enjoy it from every angle possible. From the beach with that horizon view … from the sea with the rock-face behind you … or from high up on the clifftop.

There’s another stairway to a peninsula flanking the beach that’s not for the faint-hearted. But what a spot to enjoy the amazing sunset and the sight of the cliffs turning orange!

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